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Barefoot Bowls

The club wants to increase the number of Barefoot Bowls social events this year.

  1. It's a great fundraiser for the club

  2. Introduces people to bowls

  3. A potential recruiting opportunity for younger players

  4. Great PR for the club

Jenny Munro will be the co-ordinator for Barefoot Bowls. As the co-ordinator she will book and organise all the events and schedule volunteers to assist on the day.

We have 8 volunteers who have already committed to helping, but we need more to spread the load.

Volunteers are normally required for around one hour while the players are on the green.

We also need volunteers to run the bar - RSA training can be arranged and paid for by the club.

There will be a meeting on Wednesday July 19 at 10:00 to explain what the volunteers will be required to do on the day. If unable to attend but would like to help, call Jenny Munro.

If you are interested or want to help, please attend the meeting.

Wednesday  Social Bowls

Place names on the sheet provided in the registration shed or online by 10:00am

Saturday Social Bowls 

Place names on the sheet provided in the registration shed or online by 10:00am


Bowls Training is held each Thursday at 3:00 p.m.

"Series of drills to enhance your skills"




Happy Hour is every Friday at the bar from 5pm to 6pm.



A two-course counter tea for $15 and a raffle is held every Friday night at 6:00pm in the club house.

Check the menu board and enter your name on the sheet provided by Tuesday each week.



​Monday Indoor Bowls 

Indoor bowls is held every Monday at 1:00 p.m..



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