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Ladies' Club Events Results

Season  2022/2023

Ladies' Club Singles Championship:

               Winner:             Annette Phayre

                 Runner Up:      Helen Perry

Ladies' Club Pairs Championship:

                    Winners:           Jandi Slattery & Bev Clark

                  Runners  Up:    Ros Baylis & Thelma Dainton


Ladies' Triples Championship: 

                 Winners:         Carol Hirst, Jenny Falvey & Jackie Hayes

                 Runners Up:   Pam Smith, Ann Walker & Jenny Agg


Ladies' President's Handicap:     

                 Winner:          Bev Clark

                 Runner Up:    Jenny Agg

Ladies' Club 100 up Handicap:  

                  Winner:             Moyra Davies

                 Runner Up:       Lyndell Fulton

Ladies' Minor Singles Challenge:

                 Winner:          Ann Walker

                 Runner Up:    Larry Gallenti

Ladies' Club Veteran Singles Championship:

                    Winner:            N/A

                    Runner Up:      N/A


Men's Club Events Results

Season 2022/2023

Men's Singles Championship:

                Winner:           Graham Smith

                  Runner Up:    John Harris

Men's Pairs Championship:

                    Winners:          Jim Reed & Graham Smith

                  Runners Up:   Sean Wilkinson & Manuel Koulkoudinas

Men's Triples Championship:  

                 Winners:          John Harris, Dale Abrahmsen & Wayne Hovey      

                 Runners Up:   John Clark, Jim Reed & Graham Smith

Men's Veteran Singles Championship:

                   Winner:           Rob Lyle   

                 Runner Up:    Austin Meredith

Arthur Williams Singles Handicap:

                 Winner:          John Harris

                 Runner Up:    Shane Grainger

Men's President's  100 Up Handicap:

                Winner:            John Harris

                Runner Up:      Rob Lyle

Men's Minor Singles Challenge:

               Winner:            N/A

                 Runners Up:   N/A

Men's Two Bowl Pairs:

                   Winners:          N/A

                 Runners Up:    N/A


 Ken Rea Mixed Pairs Championship

Winners:   Jackie Hayes & Shane Grainger

Runners Up:   Faye Iddles & Ron Stephens

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