Belmont Bulletin #10 - 28/11/2019 

Hello everyone and welcome to the 10th edition of the Belmont Bowls Bulletin.

Some Club event results:-
The Ladies Club Singles..... Congratulations to Annette Phayre on winning the Club Singles Championship. Well done to runner-up Thelma Dainton.
The Men’s Pairs Championship Final :- Congratulations to Steve Carbines and Steve Davies on winning the Men’s Pairs and well done to Shane Grainger and Terry Cullen on runners-up.
Men’s Singles Championship :-
Well done to Graham Smith and Chris Tranter on reaching the final of the Men's singles championship.

The final will be played on Friday 29/11/2019 at 3.00pm.
There are plenty more Club events to come so make sure you have a go!
Please refer to your handbook or the registration shed for further events.

The list for the Yarrawonga trip is on the social club notice board. $100.00 deposit required.

Our sponsors are a very important and essential part of our club.

All members can show their appreciation in a practical way by supporting sponsors whenever
possible. Please advise the sponsor that you are a member of the Belmont Bowls Club.
Some more of our sponsors the BBC would like to acknowledge are :-
Grovedale Hotel, Jim’s Mowing, Community Care Chemist, The Rubbish Guy, Harvey’s Highton

and Bakers Delight.


Happy Birthday this month to Maurie Refern, Jenny Agg, Jeanette Lake, Joan Davies, Jenny McCallum.

Hope you all had a wonderful day.🎂🥂🍺

The Melbourne Cup Eve Dinner...... Fashions on the Field segment at Cup Eve Dinner
was sponsored by Chris Illievski, Kardinia Pharmacy. The winners were Erika Reinert and Derrick Hayes.

People wishing to attend the BBC Christmas party are kindly reminded that this is a pre-paid event.

It is important that the $20.00 is paid early to verify numbers as the caterers on the night - Karen and her great team - will need an accurate number of people attending please purchase and pay for your ticket ASAP.

The clubrooms only hold a certain amount - once you purchase your ticket you are in - so don't miss out.
See Ron Thomas, Barry Hirst or any member of the social committee for tickets. I will be at the club after Tuesday pennant, at Friday night's counter tea and Saturday (and quite a few other times) if anyone would like to see me.....Helen Perry.

Also if any member would prefer fruit salad and not Christmas pudding please advise Karen before the night.


Our 2 Day Holiday Carnival is on in 5 weeks time so it is time to put your entry in.
This year it will be via the sheet in the registration shed. The event is on Sat 28th & Sun 29th December.

Teams need to consist of 2 Men and 2 Ladies. Once again it is our unique medley format.

Cost to enter is $120 per team for the 2 days.
Please enter your team but more importantly invite outside teams to enter as well.
There is a 24 team limit but we have fallen short of this the last couple of years.

The pennant self recording system is up and running for both midweek and Saturdays. There have been a few teething problems so ladders may not be entirely correct but this should sort itself out. Overall the first day in use went well. I have conducted a few sessions on the use of the system and welcome anyone to seek
further assistance from me or for any refresher sessions.

Several Club Events are underway so please ensure you pay your $7 before playing your first match. Also please abide by the green-keepers practice instructions on the board re greens and direction.
Lists are up for the Ken Rea mixed pairs championship and the Men's 2 bowl pairs.
Please enter these to ensure we have a good size field.

Well done to all pennant sides for their efforts in the first part of the season. We have a good number of Saturday sides doing very well it is hoped the club's position strengthens even further going forward.

A big thanks once again for all those players who have stepped in to fill shortfalls that we have unfortunately
encountered recently. It is hoped our unavailable numbers reduce soon to give our valued emergencies a break.
Steve Davies

DUMPING – Policy & Process

Any member may report an alleged dumper to the Bowls Director.
The Bowls Director will observe the alleged dumper during an actual match.
If the Bowls Director confirms that the allegation has substance, he/she will speak to the dumper about the problem.
The confirmed dumper will be advised to seek help from a suitable person to see if the problem can be fixed via improved technique.
The Bowls Director will monitor the dumper’s efforts to improve his/her technique.
If the dumper, on further observation by the Bowls Director, has not fixed the problem, he/she will be advised to use a Bowler’s Arm.
The dumper will be suspended from bowling on Belmont Bowls Club greens unless he/she uses a Bowler’s Arm.
If the dumper considers he/she has been unfairly treated during the above process he/she may appeal to the Belmont Bowls Committee.

This “Dumping - Policy and Process” document was approved unanimously by the Belmont Bowls Committee on July 8th 2019. It was then approved and confirmed unanimously by the Belmont Bowls Club Board of Management on July 9th 2019.
Shane Carbines............Bowls Director

The Greenkeeper has drawn attention to the fact that Bowlers are not observing  rules around the use of Greens for Practice.
On Mondays, Greens can be used for Practice from 3 pm, on other days when Greens are available for Practice they must not be used before 10 am.
Bowlers must follow instructions in relation to the direction of playing on greens.
Green direction is shown by Jamie on the white Board and on the Greens.
The Greenkeeper’s instructions must be followed, if it shows East/West that it must be followed likewise if North/South is shown.
Rotation of Greens and direction changes are critical to providing proper management of Greens to the highest standard.
Jamie has high professional standards, and the club is very fortunate to have first class greens which brings great credit to the club and to the enjoyment to Bowlers.
Your co-operation PLEASE there are no acceptable excuses for not following instructions.
Bob Dainton

Message from Steve Davies re Men’s Club Events:-

All bowlers are urged to enter Club events as they are good practice, match conditioning and a good way to be involved in different forms of bowls within the club. For newer members of the club, if you want more info on the format or how they run please ask myself or any other member.
I am still looking for a few volunteers to help with tournaments etc so please let me know if you can help.

Thanks to those who have already volunteered.
I also encourage you to enter GBR state title events. Whether its Fours, Pairs or Singles, they give our bowlers the chance to play some of the region’s best. If dates of these fall on the same day as our events, the GBR takes precedence and you get exemption to play our event at another time so long as it is a short time before or
after the date.
Our biggest area of concern at present is finding skippers in the lower divisions with 6 or 7 experienced skippers out. We are open to trying new skippers at an appropriate level so if you have a desire for this please let us know.

Div 1 & 3 practice which commenced Tuesday 15th October. I believe this will be an ongoing success and congratulations to the large attendance of players who joined in.

Unfortunately numbers dictate the ability to run sessions like this so it is limited to Div 1 and Div 3 sides but it is hoped inspiration will be there for someone to do the same for others. Well done Graham for being proactive.

Steve Davies.

If you have anything you would like added to the next bulletin please let me know.
Well that’s all from me now until next bulletin which will be published after the Christmas / New Year break, so I would like to wish one and all a very Merry Christmas and an awesome 2020.

Cheers Di.



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