August 2020
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Again another update on what’s on, or not on, at the club.

For those who have been asking how Neil and Jan Tannis are going. Heather and I spoke to Jan Wednesday, we couldn’t speak to Neil as he was out bowling, which he seems to do two or three times a week. They are both great. They are at their other sons farm at Chinchilla looking after the domestic animals while they are away for a couple of weeks. Nights are  cold, but days are lovely. Their family does not want them to return until this mess is over, quite understandable. So they are doing it tough, lucky devils.

The GBA have supplied the dates for the Men’s and Ladies Championship events and their closing dates for applicants. These are displayed in the registration shed for those interested in competing.

What I did not include in the last newsletter was that the club has purchase new scoreboards for two greens. We applied for a grant for those which was successful, which is why we now have them, although the grant did not cover the total costs. 

The following is to try and explain how the Grants System works, and why we had to complete the purchase.  Successful grants never cover the complete costs of what you have applied to use the money for. They are, if you like, a discount to provide the club with items that are needed. When a grant is successful that money,  MUST, be spent on what the grant was given for. The club cannot change their mind, and spend it on another project. There is also a time limit so, the project has to be completed by a certain date.  If, the club decide not to go ahead with that project, try to use the grant on something else, or fail to use it by the end date, that grant money must be returned. Returned grant money will always have a negative effect on future grant applications, as the last successful grant, was not used. It is therefore doubtful further applications will be successful. Clubs with gaming machines are usually bared from applying for grants. Hope this helps to explain.

A big thank you to, Les Lawrence and John English, who are helping with bathroom duties at the club. There is always room for more. The more we have the less there is for all to do.

Membership/Sponsorship Director – Karen Hayes

A big thank you to all the members who paid their membership fees early. It was a big help to the club to have this money on hand to pay affiliation fees to Bowls Victoria when their account arrived. Special thanks to a couple of members (who wish to remain anonymous) who paid “a little bit extra” to help the club. An extremely generous and appreciated gesture.

Our member’s handbooks are now ready for distribution. Many thanks to Lyndell Fulton for her work on this project again this year. At the time of going to press dates and times were correct. Now, of course, our new bowls season is going to be a very different one. Most of the dates will now be incorrect and some of the events will no longer be possible. But the board felt it was important to continue with the printing and for members to have their handbooks as usual. Individual named handbooks (for financial members only) can be collected from the registration shed from next Monday 31st August.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank our sponsors. With the exception of four businesses which are directly affected by the covid19, every sponsor has continued to support our club. And those four have promised to be back on board as soon as they possibly can. Like us all, these business owners are doing it tough at present and their ongoing commitment to our club is truly remarkable.

I urge all members to be supportive of our much- valued sponsors. Whenever you can, please support them as they are helping us.

Thanks again Karen Hayes.

As we all know being cooped up at home, due to covid, has seen many changes. I have lately recovered a swivel chair that I have been thinking about for 15-20 years. I could not get the same material at Spotlight so bought something fairly close, went next door to get the foam, for the seat, at Clark Rubber and there was the correct material, which I was not allowed to buy as I already had something else. I have also made a vacuum pump for our little pond, which I have been planning for 6 years. It works well, but, pumping the sludge on to the garden the pong is horrendous. The neighbors keep looking over the fence.  Heather has also taken up knitting again, which is a real worry. The last time she knitted me a jumper, years ago, she found half way through, she didn’t have enough wool. So the brown jumper when it was finished, had some squares in it that were a lovely aqua colour.

KEEP WELL – Keep Safe – Keep Smiling.


Jim Reed



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