January  2021
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Hello all


First Newsletter for 2021 and there are a number of bowls related items that need to be conveyed to you.


Sat Pennant


The season starts this Saturday and runs for 9 weeks followed by a 2 week finals series.

We have entered 8 teams which equates to a total of 116 players per week.

Most who are playing have participated in practice matches. We have a fair idea of any others that are to be included but some communication may be necessary. Unless your name is on the unavailable list or you have phoned a selector by 4pm on Mondays you will be included.




This is an ongoing issue to find those who are happy to be a manager. It is a simple process nowadays and most of the work has been done prior to your duties. If anyone can be included on a manager's roster please advise me. Training can be given.




All players are encouraged to practise to improve their bowls and utilise our coaches where needed. Practise sessions are also encouraged and are of great benefit. We already have one group participating in regular sessions.

It would be good for other groups or sides to do the same. All it takes is for someone to get it off the ground. Anyone can do that and no particular people in the club are responsible for practising, we all are.


Ken Rea mixed pairs


This event is commencing this Sunday and you are urged to put in your entry. A draw will probably be done Saturday evening so you still have plenty of time.


Club events


Sheets are also up for Men's club triples and the minor singles.

Please keep the current events moving through the rounds. Time goes by quickly.




The program starts on Jan 19 so if you have anyone who might like to enter a team of 4 please let me know.



Probably more to come so stay posted.


Have a great season.