November 2020
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EFTPOS is now available and would be as follows.

In response to feedback from many members and visitors, and the need to change with the times, the club is introducing an EFTPOS facility. It will be of a basic nature but will meet our needs and is easy to operate. All volunteers will be trained in how to process card transactions. Steve Davies will undertake the training but, due to the simplicity, most will be able to provide guidance very quickly. It is to be noted that there will be no cash out facility available. it will be purely for purchases with no minimum limits. 


Volunteers End of Year function scheduled for Monday, December the 14th, at the clubrooms, commencing at 10.00am. If you can attend, please put your names down on the sheet near the bar.


Pennant Practice Games - Sheets in the shed for those wanting to play. Names down to be selected.


Holiday carnival is going ahead, entries will be sought for that also.


D Green and what's about to happen.

The Board have, for some time, had down on the clubs to do list, replant C and D green with tift dwarf grass. We were asked to do D green by green staff ASAP. Due to Covid and our lack of income this year, our immediate answer was no, due to cost.


We then had a meeting with Jamie and Chris Ryan, greens director, to get their views and further information. It was explained to the Board that if we did not take the opportunity to do D green now, it may not be two years before we had the opportunity again. This was because other clubs, mostly Melbourne based, had put off renewing their greens, also due to Covid, so the expertise to help Jamie do the job was available now, and would not be later. Also by doing the green now, it would be ready for next Pennant Season. Maintenance costs for C and D green are currently higher than the Tift Dwarf greens, another reason for replanting.


Therefore by spending the money now there is a saving long term. So why D green and not C. The reason for that is because D green and B green are the only two greens that can be viewed from the clubhouse in some comfort. So renewing D green first is an obvious choice.


Also access for equipment is another consideration. So the decision to upgrade D green was not taken lightly or without consultation. 

Jim Reed



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